I thought I should finally do this

When you’re writing blog posts as you go to sleep, you should probably get a blog…

” why didn’t we think of that? That’s exactly the right next step ” – a medical team after I spent like 10 minutes thinking about communication options for my cousin

Hi! I’m Lily. I’m autistic. I’m a part time AAC user. I’m gay. I’m engaged! I have invisible physical disabilities. And I’m a professional. I did some undergrad work in speech pathology and might still pursue that — but after a few months as an educational assistant I’m daydreaming about how much I would love my own classroom.

I’m pretty special interested in creating communication solutions and curriculum right now. It’s so worrying to me hanging out in education circles and seeing the way curriculum is right now. The team I mentioned at the beginning is working with a kid with CP and had never heard of partner-assisted scanning. She’s 7! She loves expressing her emotions! She hates grabbing things and has trouble pointing! They’ve been essentially doing PECS with requesting for 4 years and wondering why she doesn’t seem interested!

I see SLPs choosing Proloquo2Go for every kid who needs AAC because that’s the only app they ever saw. I see SLPs saying they loved their AAC class in grad school because all the device vendors came and showed off. (Not that it’s not good that they got exposure to different options, but they never got exposure to material about modeling or literacy or core language and they thought it was a good class).

Past AAC, I spend way too much time on pinterest, and I see a million social stories about quiet hands, and curriculum where you look at a cartoon of a person and practice whether to call them “he” or “she” based on appearance. Oof. I want values-aligned curriculum to be available to everyone, not just kids you think are “smart” enough to understand it.

I had to leave my work as an EA because my joints started dislocating at the drop of a hat. I’m bored now (I work part time at the most relaxed DD foster home to ever exist). Suddenly I’m spending all my free time making communication boards and books because I love it, and I’m going to sleep drafting posts about my experiences, and I’m drawing pictures of my dream classroom. It seems like a time to share that.

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